Apply to be a SRVA Board member, elections coming in Jan 2019!

No later than Nov 15th a notification of upcoming election and a solicitation of candidates will be posted on the region website and distributed via social media. All interested parties including current board members whose term is expiring must submit written notice of their intent to run for a new three year term to begin the following July 1st, This written notification must be submitted to the region secretary or commissioner no later than December 15th, An election will be held in conjunction with the January board meeting to determine which individuals will fill the available spaces on the board. The successful candidates will be elected/re-elected by a simple majority of the board members present at the meeting. Neither proxy nor remote voting methods will be accepted. The number of available spaces will be equivalent to 1/3 of the maximum size of the board as defined in the region bylaws. By way of example, if the size of the Board is 27, the number of available spaces at the Jan election would be 9. If there are more individuals running than available spaces, the individuals with the highest number of votes above a simple majority will prevail. In the case of a tie where there is only one space available, a runoff vote will be held and the individual garnering the most votes will fill the vacancy.

Use this form to submit your application: 

2018-19 SRVA Board Member Candidate Application

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