Important News for Junior Clubs and Players

Below are the highlights from the 8/5/18 Board meeting that affect juniors. 

This information will be covered fully at the Jr. Club Director meeting.

11:00 9/23/18 UTC Student Center Signal Mtn Room 735 East 5th Street, Chattanooga, TN  37403

Or you can attend online: How to attend the meeting online

  • For ages 15 and above the 10 day tryout window has been reduced to a 5 day tryout window – This means commitment day is now  the 6th day after state high school championships .
  • For ages 14 and below the 10 day tryout window has been reduced to a 5 day tryout window – This means commitment day is now  the 6th day after the 2nd Saturday in in October .
  • Clubs are now allowed to ask for a Verbal Commitment during the 5 day tryout window.
  • Players are allowed to make a verbal commitment to a club at try-outs during the 5 day tryout window.(not a financial one), but are under no circumstances REQUIRED to make a commitment.
  • If a position is offered, the player may accept, refuse or say “maybe”.  If the player/parent declines the offer, the club is no longer required to keep that offer available until the commitment date.
  • Clubs will be required to sign an acknowledgement and compliance of the SRVA Tryout Policy as part of the club charter process. If a Club does not follow these policies in the creation of teams they wish to register with SRVA, they will not be allowed to join the SRVA/USAV.
  • If a team is in the top 5% of their age division as of 3/1, they will not be permitted to play in the Club Division of Regionals.
  • The SRVA Indoor Jr Regional Championships will be held  4/27-28/2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in hall B.
  • Looking For Rooms for Regionals? Contact  EM2 Housing for advanced booking information 877-751-5833.
  • USA Volleyball is now making their online Impact clinic free to members, so SRVA  now requires ALL Coaches and Assistant Coaches to be impact certified PRIOR to coaching their first tournament.


  • For ages 14 and below (ALL STATES) First day of tryouts Saturday 10/13/18. Commitment Day is  10/18/18.
  • For ages 15 and above;
    • Alabama –  First day of tryouts 11/02/18. Commitment Day is 11/07/18.
    • Georgia – First day of tryouts 11/04/18. Commitment Day is 11/09/18.
    • Tennessee – First day of tryouts 10/20/18. Commitment Day is 10/25/18.
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