SRVA Venues

All Sports
1031 Julian Drive
From Atlanta:
Take I-85 North from Atlanta.
Exit onto Route 316 towards Athens.
Drive for about 40 minutes and you will go under the Route 78 bridge.
Go about a quarter of a mile beyond the bridge.
Take a right hand turn onto Julian Drive.
Go about a half a mile down Julian Drive.
It dead ends into Mars Hill Road.
All Sports is on the right.

From the North:
From the North take Route 106 soon after you enter Georgia.
Follow it until is is six miles from Athens, where it veers to the right.
In about a mile Route 106 takes a right hand turn.
Follow it into Athens.
It is now a four lane and dumps directly onto the Athens By-Pass, which is Route 10.
Keep going straight and exit at Epps Bridge Road.
Turn left.
Go three miles and take a left onto Julian Drive.
Go to the end of the road.