SRVA Venues

University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
  Directions to the Coliseum
 From Atlanta on Interstate 20:
- Exit 24 - GA Hwy 61
- Take a left at the top of the ramp
- Go approximately 10 miles into Carrollton
- Turn left at Hwy 166 West (first light past the Ford Dealership)
- Go past the intersection of Hwy 16 and the exit ramp for US Hwy 27.
- Hwy 166 empties into Maple Street - turn right
- At the second light (West Entrance to UWG), turn left onto West  
Georgia Drive
- The Coliseum is on the left just down the hill, across the street  
from Cole Field
- All event parking is in the lot to the left.

 From Birmingham on Interstate 20:

- Exit 11 - US Hwy 27
- Turn right at the bottom of the ramp
- Go approximately 14 miles through Carrollton
- US 27 becomes Park Street when you enter Carrollton
- Turn right onto Maple Street at Eckerd Drugs
- The first light on Maple Street is South Street (Mellow Mushroom),  
turn right
- South Street empties onto West Georgia Drive, turn right
- The Coliseum is just down down the hill on your right.
- All event parking is in the lot to the right.