SRVA Venues

Pepperell High School
3 Dragon Drive
Take I-75 North, Exit 290 toward Rome/Canton, keep left to take the ramp toward Cartersville/Rome.
Turn left onto GA 20/Highway 20 NE.
Turn left onto Highway 411 NE/US-411 S/GA-61/GA-20,
Merge onto Joe Frank Harris Pkwy SE/US-41 N/US-411 S/GA-3/GA-20 W toward KINGSTON/Rome,
Take the US-411 S/GA-20 W ramp toward Rome,
Merge onto Highway 411 NW, 
Highway 411 NW becomes US-411 S, 
Turn left onto Maple Ave,
Turn right onto Dragon Dr SE. Dragon Dr SE is just past S 5th.
If you reach Cemetery Rd SE you've gone a little too far.

Take I-75 South, Take the GA-53 exit, EXIT 312, toward Rome/Fairmount, 
Merge onto GA-53 toward Rome, 
Turn left onto Turner McCall Blvd/US-27 S/GA-20/GA-53/GA-1. 
Continue to follow US-27 S/GA-20/GA-53/GA-1, 
Merge onto Cedartown Hwy SE/US-27 S/US-411 S/GA-53/GA-1 toward Cedartown/Gadsden, 
Take the Maple Rd ramp, keep left at the fork in the ramp, 
Turn left onto Maple Avenue, 
Maple Ave SW becomes Maple Rd SE, 
Maple Rd SE becomes Park Ave SE. 
Turn right into Dragon Drive, School is on the left.